Qld Institute of Clinical Pastoral Education Inc.

Adult reflective learning for Spiritual Carers in all walks of life

The purpose of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is to develop pastoral care practitioners who practice the art of compassion through the intentional use of therapeutic communication. We do this through the process of participants working in real life situations experiencing training in helpful and life changing conversations. This training is initiated in formal learning sessions and continued with on the job mentoring by qualified supervisors. This induces continual self growth, ensures quality control of the end product and ultimately the level of pastoral care is being improved.

The Queensland Institute of Clinical Pastoral Education Inc. (QICPE) was established in 1969 for the purpose of providing Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs for theological students, clergy and lay people engaged in pastoral work in parishes, schools, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, defence forces, police, ambulance, aged care etc.

CPE is tertiary structured education that enables self-directed learning through engagement and dialogue in a small group environment with peers and accredited CPE Supervisors. Clinically, participant learning takes place through action and reflection of actual pastoral care ministry. The development of a pastoral identity is enabled through self-awareness in the pastoral encounter. Spiritual reflection that engages the human intellect with the human life experience forms an intrinsic element of learning.

The theory of CPE, being an intentional Action→ Reflection→ Action process model of learning underpins the learning.


The care provided by CPE attends to the human condition, in particular the spiritual and religious dimensions.

Who can be involved?

We welcome your interest and would love to talk to you. We are a non-denominational group rich in cultures, faiths, work backgrounds, and passion for our vision.

Please contact us today by phone or email for further information.

QICPE has vacancies in courses in 2024:

Please see the “Student Information” (Course dates and locations) tab at the top of this page for further details of all courses.

Course Costs:

$50 Application Fee ($51 if paying by credit card) (non-refundable and payable before being interviewed.)

$2400 Course fees ($2443 if paying by credit card) 

What does doing a CPE course involve?

This question and many like it are answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” or “FAQ’s” tab above.

For CPE Course Applications only:

​Download an application form:

Word Document:  QICPE Application 2024



For applications completed online, please see Course Application button at the bottom of the QICPE Home page.



Where do I send my application?


For emailed applications, contact  info@qicpe.com to be advised of the relevant email address.


All applications may be posted to:


The (insert centre name) CPE Co-ordinator 
PO Box 37

How do I pay my non-refundable Application and Processing Fee?

Go to the "Events - Event Registration" tab above for option on how to pay by direct transfer or by cash, or


By Credit Card:




International Students (those currently living outside Australia):

Owing to additional processing requirements and the potential of other challenges, all international student applicants must contact the secretary, Annie, at secretary@qicpe.com at least 3 months prior to the closing date for applications for the selected CPE Unit.  International applications should only be sent after contacting the QICPE Secretary and receiving a go-ahead to commence the application process.



*Please note this list is not exhaustive and may be changed.

** Because of the nature of the CPE group process, class sizes are limited to a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6 students.  Therefore, potential students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.



Total Course costs - $2450 ***  

  • Application and Processing fee - $50 ($51 if paying by credit card) (due with written application and BEFORE the interview.  Non-refundable.  N.B.  The application fee is course location specific and supervisor specific.  If you withdraw your application after an interview, any further applications to a CPE course require a new application and processing fee to be paid.)
  • Acceptance of Course offer- $200 ($204 if paying by credit card) (due after interview and before course starts.  Non-refundable.)
  • Course fee - $2200 ($2239 if paying by credit card) (due before the fourth day of the course after which time it is non-refundable.  The course fee includes one year's membership to QICPE Inc.) 

*** Subject to change with notice.  Pensioners and volunteers may apply for a $300 discount if needed.

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