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Ms Annie Pfeffer
Annie is the CPE Course Co-ordinator based at DDHHS Toowoomba and delivers CPE to participants living in Toowoomba and across the Darling Downs. Annie grew up on the Western Downs and has lived for the majority of her life in rural Qld while working corporately in IT and governance roles.

She has been studying theology and pastoral care for the last 10 years and was recommended for accreditation as a Supervisor by the Australia and New Zealand Association of Clinical Pastoral Education in 2017.  Currently, Annie is a Provisional Level II Supervisor with QICPE Inc.


Pastor Chris Foote
Chris completed his first quarter of CPE in 2015, following appointment as Pastoral Care team leader in hospitals and aged care in Queensland on behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This builds on his prior degrees in Theology and Family Ministry, and forty years as an ordained pastor serving in a wide variety of ministry contexts, including relationship education. Chris has found CPE to be both life-changing and empowering, and enjoys the invitation it brings to provide presence and safety in the context of spiritual care.

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs Cathy Brown
Cathy is a QICPE Inc accredited Level 2 Supervisor.  She has enjoyed learning to “trust the process” in CPE since 2004.  As a supervisor, celebrating the growth and accomplishments of participants is a favourite activity.  Cathy finds the predictability of accounting an interesting counterbalance to the diversity of relationships and experiences of the CPE journey.


Rev Canon Cheryl Selvage
Cheryl was introduced to CPE when she was required to complete her first quarter before ordination as a Priest with the Anglican Church. As  an educator and Cheryl was so impressed with the course and it’s individualisation of learning that she just knew she wanted to be further involved with this process.  Cheryl has continued her time with CPE and is currently an Acting Level Two Supervisor.  As Pastoral Care Coordinator at the Princess Alexandra Hospital with a CPE Centre Cheryl loves both supervising there and assisting CPE Participants with their practical visiting component.


Ms Kerry Smith

Kerry completed her fourth quarter of CPE in 2019 and is intending to apply for accreditation of competency at an Advanced Level with the long term to become a supervisor. Kerry is passionate about the action reflection method of learning that is at the core of CPE learning.


Mr James Rengger

James is currently participating in a  second unit of CPE and pursuing the path to CPE Supervision. He has completed a Bachelor of Ministry, Master of Theology, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Business at Alphacrucis College. James’ goal is to tie together his passion for ministry, theology, CPE and business into a PhD project seeking to discover how CPE can equip caregivers in the local church to provide God-honouring, life-giving and harm-free care. Married with an expanding family, James highly encourages you to explore the exciting possibilities that CPE provides.