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  • ANZACPE affiliated CPE courses are offered in each State and Territory of Australia and in New Zealand. It is valid for people to apply for CPE outside of the State in which they reside, however QICPE would like to ensure that applicants are aware of the local CPE options as well. Please see the following websites for information about CPE in your area. New Zealand NSW Victoria Tasmania Western Australia South Australia and Northern Territory
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  • Autobiographical Account (1500 words MINIMUM)

  • Recent Helping Incident (approximately 500 words)

  • Learning Goals and Expectations (approximately 250 words)

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  • Acknowledgment of Admission Process and Demands of CPE Programme

  • An admission interview is required of all CPE applicants and this will be arranged for you should your written application be successful. Interviews are conducted by the CPE Centre Director/Supervisor and another CPE Supervisor or Co-ordinator from the Clinical Placement Site. Areas for discussion at this interview may include one or more of the following: • An exploration of the written materials included in the application. • Motivation for participation in CPE at this time. • Learning goals for CPE. • Understanding of pastoral ministry and spirituality in your prac placement environment. • Perception of your pastoral strengths and limitations. • Perception of life events which might influence learning in your prac context. • Exploration of your emotional responses to the CPE interview process. • Practical matters concerning the CPE programme. • Criminal and health screening requirements. N.B. Being granted an interview does NOT guarantee being offered a place in a course.
  • Demands of the CPE Programme. The CPE programme requires an intentional commitment from participants, in both time and emotional investment and is not suitable for everyone. The pastoral care of others and CPE group interactions can be challenging, and reflection on those encounters may be confronting. The discipline of writing up journals, case studies and pastoral encounter reviews enhances personal integration which makes the CPE program a demanding but enriching process. Students who are new to hospital or healthcare settings or multi-faith and multi-cultural settings may find challenges confronting. CPE is also often reported as one of the most rewarding adult education courses taken by participants. Participants enrolling in a 20-week part-time CPE should expect to commit at least 20 hours per week to CPE. A 35-week course requires an 11 hour/week commitment. A 40 hours per week commitment is required for full-time courses. These times include CPE group participation, implementing learnings in a practicum placement and time required to complete the reading and written components of the course.
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