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I would like to present a 60-90 minute workshop on the Monday afternoon of conference.
If you are offering a workshop, please give us some details about what you would like to present and any resources/room required.
Optional Whale Watching(Required)
At a cost of $135 per person, I would like to be part of the 5 hour whale watching tour on Wednesday, 28th August. Lunch is included. Details:

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These are allergies, medical or ethical restrictions.
These are not medically/ethically essential, but your preference.


Payments can be made to QICPE Inc, BSB: 034 072, A/C: 186 321 or at any Westpac bank or cheques posted to PO Box 37, Everton Park Qld 4053. Please contact QICPE Treasurer, Trish, for an invoice if required:
Early Bird Price: $550 (before 30 June). Late Bird Price: $600 (1st July to 2nd August). Fee included: Daily Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea; Dinner Sunday and Wednesday evenings; attendance at all sessions Sunday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning (concludes with lunch).
Price: $ 550.00
Starting after lunch on Thursday and concluding with lunch on Saturday. Prince includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
Price: $ 500.00
Whale watching tours leave from Redcliffe Jetty, a short walk from The Komo.
Price: $ 135.00
CPE Supervisors have conference dinner costs included in registration. If you are bringing your partner/spouse to conference dinner, please include here.
Price: $ 100.00
Early Bird: $300 (before 30 June). Late bird: $330 (1st July - 2nd August). PD all day Monday plus Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea on Monday and Morning Tea and Lunch on Tuesday.
Price: $ 300.00
PD plus Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea on Monday.
Price: $ 200.00
PD plus Morning Tea and Lunch on Tuesday.
Price: $ 130.00
Payments can be made to QICPE Inc, BSB: 034 072, A/C: 186 321 or at any Westpac bank, or cheques posted to PO Box 37, Everton Park Qld 4053. Please contact QICPE Treasurer, Trish, for an invoice if required:
Please send me an invoice before I pay my registration fees(Required)
If your invoice is to be addressed to anyone other than you, could you please give details in the miscellaneous section below. If you pay before an invoice is sent, you will receive a receipt within the next fortnight.




Payments to QICPE Inc. can be made be made by the following methods:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Payment at any Westpac Bank branch
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (via Stripe)

Online payments can be made by direct deposit to our bank account.   Alternately, deposits can be made in person at any Westpac bank.

Account Name: QICPE Inc
BSB:  034 072
Account No:  186321

Cheques can be posted to:

PO Box 37

Credit Card Payments:


CPE Course Application and Payments

$300 (+ $6 credit card fee) Hervey Bay Course Acceptance fee:

2400 (+ $43 credit card fees) Full CPE Fees:

$50 (+ $1 credit card fee) CPE Course Application and Processing Fee (non-refundable):

$200 (+ $4 credit card fee) Acceptance of Course Fee (non-refundable):

$2200 (+ $39 credit card fee)  Balance of Course Fees:

$300 (+ $6 credit card fee) Regional Qld Travel Levy:

QICPE Membership

$50 (+ $1 credit card fee) QICPE Membership application/renewal:  

Professional Development Registration


$300 (+$6 Credit Card fee) Group Supervision with Rev Dr Michael Paterson

$20 (+ $1 credit card fee) PD Fees (QICPE Members): 

$30 (+ $1 credit card fee) PD Fees (non-QICPE Members):

$80 (+$2 credit card fee) PD Fees for series of 5 (QICPE Members):

$150 (+$3 credit card fee) PD for series of 5 (non QICPE Members):

$1000 (+$18 credit card fee) Corporate PD Fee:

Caroline Fees:


Please advise our treasurer of any payments made to allow for accurate receipt sending.  Please email Trish on



For CPE Course Applications only:

​Download an application form:

Word Document:  QICPE Application 2024

For applications completed online, please see Course Application button at the bottom of the QICPE Home page.



Where do I send my application?


For emailed applications, contact to be advised of the relevant email address.


All applications may be posted to:


The (insert centre name) CPE Co-ordinator 
PO Box 37

How do I pay my non-refundable Application and Processing Fee?

Go to the "Events - Event Registration" tab above for option on how to pay by direct transfer or by cash, or


By Credit Card:




International Students (those currently living outside Australia):

Owing to additional processing requirements and the potential of other challenges, all international student applicants must contact the secretary, Annie, at at least 3 months prior to the closing date for applications for the selected CPE Unit.  International applications should only be sent after contacting the QICPE Secretary and receiving a go-ahead to commence the application process.



*Please note this list is not exhaustive and may be changed.

** Because of the nature of the CPE group process, class sizes are limited to a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6 students.  Therefore, potential students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.



Total Course costs - $2450 ***  

  • Application and Processing fee - $50 ($51 if paying by credit card) (due with written application and BEFORE the interview.  Non-refundable.  N.B.  The application fee is course location specific and supervisor specific.  If you withdraw your application after an interview, any further applications to a CPE course require a new application and processing fee to be paid.)
  • Acceptance of Course offer- $200 ($204 if paying by credit card) (due after interview and before course starts.  Non-refundable.)
  • Course fee - $2200 ($2239 if paying by credit card) (due before the fourth day of the course after which time it is non-refundable.  The course fee includes one year's membership to QICPE Inc.) 

*** Subject to change with notice.  Pensioners and volunteers may apply for a $300 discount if needed.

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