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A Snippet from our latest newsletter…..

From Supervisor, David:

Indeed I have become aware that I am a living human document, uniquely me.

It is this awareness that gives meaning for my being. As Viktor Frankl says, everyone needs to love and to be loved. This can only happen when we as a human being,  learn to serve and to be present for others. It happens when cease to justify ourselves for the way we have acted. A transformation happens when we realise that we are not God, but a human being who is fallible, and we discover the possibility of  having love and concern for others. Then unique miracles begin to happen as we bring hope in the face of desperation, confidence in the face of fear, reconciliation and resolution in the face of chaos, bitterness and stubbornness. It happens in the awareness of knowing that God knows who I am and at the same time accepts me and loves me in all my uniqueness. Learning how to live this out in life and how to be of service to others, is the uniqueness that CPE has to offer.




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