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From ex-President Ken:


Having a lot of activity is one thing; having a sound motivation that sustains that activity is another. Mostly, as practitioners, we are motivated by a sense of love and compassion for our fellow human being and a desire to sit with them in their times of trial. In recent weeks I have been reflecting on God as Trinity and upon what it means to be created in the image of God. 

What strikes me is that other-person focus, demonstrated by the loving delight in the good of the other that lies at the heart of this divine image we bear. Each person of the Trinity delights in the others somewhat like a loving three-person waltz of other-person-centredness. We, being created in the image of the triune God find our true selves only when we embrace God in this waltz of other-person-centeredness and join hands with our fellow image bearers, incorporating them in this dance along with us. It is in loving God and loving one another that we best reflect this God-ness we bear. 




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