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Receiving feedback is an intrinsic part of the CPE process. We appreciate the candid and positive comments below and welcome more as our members continue their journey.

Comments from 2018:

“CPE is Adult Learning in its purest form.  It is self-directed but supervised, customisable but structured, different but familiar, practical, theoretical, reflective, theological, communal, individual, relational, and fruitful at any stage of  ministry in any setting.  If you want to talk less and listen more, CPE is for you!  If you want to learn more about emotions and how to identify them, CPE is for you.”  (J, Armed Services Chaplain and UCA Pastor)


“During CPE I felt myself learning and growing every week.  The structure of group work and clinical visiting is very practical and hands on.  CPE takes a lot of work, but is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done.” (R, Anglican Ordinand)


“CPE helps you to be aware of yourself and embrace who you are, to journey with others with a compassionate heart, to be with yourself, to be with patients, to be with God.” (G, Religious Sister)


“The CPE journey is confusing, challenging, thought provoking, difficult, joyful, satisfying, crushing, depressing, hopeful, growing, learning, dawning, empowering, strengthening, relief.” (J, Catholic Hospital Lay Chaplain)


“During the CPE process, I felt embraced and understood.  The challenges of being within a group were resolved congenially allowing for space to share experiences.” (D, Anglican Hospital Lay Chaplain)


“CPE has been a process through which interiority and exteriority interact.  The point of interaction is what I would call human encounter.” (F, Catholic Seminarian)


“I found CPE challenging in a good way.  I felt I was moved out of my comfort zone and this made me grow as a person.  I feel that my journey through CPE is not over but just beginning.  I felt I was very supported through CPE.” (M, Anglican Lay Chaplain)


“CPE gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in what it means to truly be present to another person.  The action-reflection-action model is a crucial part of deepening my practice.  The reflection uncovered parts of me I didn’t know were there and led me to healing and integration, magnifying the importance of showing up for others.  I have hated moments, and all of those moments have led to the biggest growth for me personally and in my practice.  As the course ends, I go forward with a sense of peace and wholeness, inspired to continue this important work.” (E, Anglican Ordinand)


“Yoga yields a gentle stretch, weights set right the frame.  Film reveals a life complex.  Music?  Where shadows have a name.

But where feet run not, and stillness prevails, an encounter with another is a deepening of oneself.  This is CPE – where conversation free, one learns to be, the life of the in-between….or if not, just a better poet!” (B, non-denominational Pastoral Carer)